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+ Addition +

Woodlands Junior - addition games

ICT Games - more addition games

Topmarks - even more addition games!


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- Subtraction - 

ICT Games - lots of subtraction games

 Topmarks - and more subtraction games

Woodlands Junior - and even more subtraction games!

 Hit the button! - take away challenge



 x Times Tables x

Topmarks - lots of times tables games

 Woodlands Junior - more times tables games

Hit the button! - times tables challenge

 ICT Games - and still more times tables games!


÷  Division  ÷

Woodlands Junior - lots of dividing games

Hit the button! - extra dividing challenges

Topmarks - and even more dividing games!




1 2 3        Numbers         1 2 3

Counting games

 Sequencing games

Ordering numbers




Telling the time games

 Learning months of the year

Topmarks - more time games




Woodlands Junior - lots of shape games

 Topmarks - more shape games



ICT games - lots of money games

 Topmarks - more money games 

Counting Songs

Counting in 1s

Counting in 2s

Counting in 5s

Counting in 10s

The Big Numbers Song

Skip Counting Song