About our school

In Dunbeg Primary School we are committed to providing appropriate opportunities for the development of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural values through both the ethos and the curriculum.  This will be undertaken in partnership with parents/carers and will take account of the individual needs of pupils and the views of parents/carers.

Our school welcomes and encourages diversity and individuality, while emphasizing our common commitment to moral values such as honesty, respect for others, compassion and justice.  Fundamental principles of our school are that all who are involved in the life of our school have the right to be respected as individuals and carry the responsibility to act in a considerate and respectful manner towards others.  We are firmly committed to the elimination of any form of discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender or disability.

Together pupils, staff and parents agreed that the following values should underpin our relationships and learning: Achievement, Community and Enterprise.

Achievement: being aspirational and ambitious for ourselves, each other, our school and our community. Ensuring that all children succeed by making sure that we understand their needs and addressing them effectively. Expecting and attaining high standards of teaching and learning. Encouraging perseverance and patience. Seeking out opportunities to learn new skills and develop as teachers and learner. Sharing and celebrating success.

Community: Developing trust and respect. Being honest and trustworthy. Being a good friend. Reaching out to help, support and encourage other. Working together to improve ourselves, our school, our local and global community.

Enterprise: Developing our skills, confidence and interests so that we can lead others. Being responsible in the decisions that we make. Thinking creatively, reasoning and solving problem for ourselves. Developing partnerships to promote our thinking, learning and independence.